Bright Beginnings Program

About This Program:

Bright Beginnings came about because of the few services offered to families along the Gaspé Coast and in the Magdalen Islands in English. In particular, children ages 0-5 and their parents had little opportunity to socialize, read and borrow books, educate themselves, be creative, and play with their children outside of the home. Since young children represent such a vulnerable part of our community, this program was devised through consultation with many different groups to help address some of the gaps in the services provided to young families in our communities.

Bright Beginnings is a regional program that involves Vision, CASA, and CAMI.  Its mandate is “to ensure that English-speaking children have early learning opportunities and strengthened families for lifelong success. Bright Beginnings programs cover the age group of 0-17 years old. Vision Gaspé-Percé Now works closely with the local English Schools in our territory which covers the MRC Cote de Gaspé as well as Prevel to Corner of the Beach. You can read the full report on this regional initiative, why it’s needed, and the objectives of the program by clicking read more.