Our Cultural Project

In order to keep English culture around in the Gaspésie, we partner with a number of organizations, as well as work with the community to hold activities and events to promote our unique culture. This project looks to support others in their ventures to advocate and teach about the English culture along the coast. Whether we are helping a smaller organization build a program or create a podcast we want to be of assistance to the English community and their ability to be sustainable.

We are creating a mobile heritage exhibit, Retrospectives, that will launch on May 30th, 2024.

The exhibit is a homage to our past to carry forward into the coming generations. It will touch on three topics; Our Grandmothers, Harvest Suppers, and the CN & VIA passenger Trains from Barachois to Gaspe. If you or someone in your family has material that would be of interest for this exhibit, we are looking for:

  • photos
  • home videos
  • old tickets/stubs
  • maps/brochures
  • newspapers/magazine articles

To participate in this project, please contact Tesia or you can fill out this form to be contacted directly: https://forms.gle/UjBbFcBRxbHypMs5A

*All material will be digitized, archived and returned. If you or a loved one have a story relating to these three topics, we would love to get in touch!

For more information, please contact

Tesia Hackett by email at t.hackett@vgpn.ca or call the office at 418-368-3212.