Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

If you would like to get in touch with a specific VGPN team member, please email or call one of our offices listed under Contact Us. If you know the program or project they coordinate, you can check the programs list as well.

Jessica Synnott Executive Director

Jessica has been with Vision for the last 10 years, becoming our ED in 2017. She is responsible for all of the behind the scenes work at Vision. Jessica also deals with HR, committee meetings and building capacity.

Stephanie Bond Project Coordinator

Stephanie is the coordinator responsible for organizing and animating Vision’s art workshops as well as the Barachois Wellness Centre. She also is our in-house graphic designer ensuring all posters are eye-catching.

Shanna Rehel Project Coordinator

As the Barachois Laison coordinator, Shanna is the go-to person for drop-in services at the Barachois Satellite office. She is also the coordinator of the APPUI project and Vision’s Mental Health initiative.

Florence Agnesi Finance Manager

Florence is responsible for all of Vision’s expenses and ensures we stay on top of all financial needs.

Emma McGinnis Project Coordinator

Emma is the coordinator for numerous different projects. While she updates Vision’s website and social medias, she also runs the Volunteer Database project and the McGill project.

Melissa Savidant Project Coordinator

Melissa is the coordinator of the multiple Senior Wellness Centres as well as runs the Community Health Education Program (CHEP) for adults and seniors. She is also the coordinator for the Youth Mental Health project.

Amie Chicoine Resource Manager

Amie’s priority as resource manager is to provide the team with support and resources on an ongoing basis. She continuously works to increase cohesion and spread awareness among the team about all of our current projects.

Laura Comeau Project Coordinator

Laura is the Prenatal, Early Childhood & Youth coordinator, which means she works alongside many families in the English community to ensure that have access to all their necessities.

Julie Syvret Project Coordinator

Coming soon...

Sophie Wheeler Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator

As the Executive Assistant, Sophie helps to keep us organized. Sophie also works as project coordinator co-facilitating the Gaspe Wellness Centre and facilitating the new wellness centre in Douglastown.

Tesia Hackett Project Coordinator

Tesia is the project coordinator for Educaloi as well as everything culture. She is responsible for ensuring the community is kept informed on legal subjects and for supporting and collaborating on cultural events in the community.