About Us

Our Mandate

Vision Gaspé-Percé Now is a non-profit community organization. Our mandate is to ensure that services are provided for our English-speaking community and to enhance the quality of life for all English-speaking Gaspesians. We accomplish this by making our presence in the community known, by preserving our heritage, and by promoting the unique characteristics we have to offer our Francophone and Aboriginal neighbours.

Vision’s mandate targets key resources in health and social services, education, and community development and we support other organizations and committees that strive to accomplish the same mandate. We labour to improve the lives of our community by reaching out to our senior, student, youth, and family populations, as well as the 0 to 5 age group.

Vision has developed partnerships with the major institutions in our community, such as our hospital, senior centres, schools, and government agencies, to ensure that the needs and concerns of the English community are heard and recognized. We work with them to find solutions to our common concerns.

What sets us apart as an organization is the broad scope of our activities, both geographically and in the range of subjects we cover. Vision is making English-speaking Gaspé a more inclusive, informed, and tightly-knit community for everyone.

Our Objectives

The primary objective of VGPN is to promote and maintain the health and well-being as well as the socioeconomic and cultural vitality of the English-speaking communities of our territory.

VGPN Commits to:

  • Developing and providing complementary health and social services to the community;
  • Disseminating information regarding existing health and social services;
  • Bringing together the English-speaking people of the area in order to preserve their history, protect their rights, promote their economic development and preserve their access to health and social services;
  • Fostering collaboration between the English-speaking community and their francophone and Mi’gmaq neighbours, advancing common causes and to carry out common projects;
  • Communicating the overriding needs of the community to health and social service providers.
  • Promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the English-speaking communities present within the territory.

Our Territory

Vision Gaspé Percé Now’s territory includes the MRC Côte-de-Gaspé as well as part of the MRC Rocher-Percé (Prevel to Corner of the Beach). More specifically, the Gaspé Bay area and Prével to Corner of the Beach (Barachois Area). The community members served by Vision include all members who wish to receive services in English. The age groups being served are robust and include early childhood, youth, adults, parents, young single parents, new arrivals, and seniors.

Our History

With the lack of representation for the Anglophone community in the area becoming more apparent, a consultation open to the public was held. Soon after that consultation, Vision Gaspé Percé Now was founded in 2004. Our organization started with an elected Board of Directors, consisting of nine community members, who established our first Executive Director, Cynthia Patterson. Our first office was located in the St. Paul’s Church in Gaspé, with only one working employee and a few programs connected to the CISSS de la Gaspésie. While we have grown immensely since 2004, it is important to recognize where we started. This growth is attributed to hard working community members and those who have specifically advocated for English services in healthcare.

Our Board of Directors

VGPN’s Board of Directors consists of 10 members, including the President. These members ensure that Vision Gaspé Percé Now is held to the highest standard, runs effectively and provides the community with the support it needs.

Tony Conoley

President of Vision’s Board of Directors

Carmen Coulombe

Larry English

Nancy Briand

Gabrielle Labbé

Jonathan Côté

Jonathan Jean

Deborah Adams

Diane Kennedy

Connie Jacques