The Gaspé Speaks Podcast Series

Episode 1: They Came From Ireland

Featuring well-known Gaspé area historian Fabien Sinnett, the first episode in the Gaspé Speaks Podcast Series explores some of the stories surrounding early Irish immigration to the area.

Episode 2: Sounds From The Bay

Over the past few years, Ontario-born Glenn Patterson has been researching and showcasing Gaspé’s traditional music. In this episode, he talks about his journey of discovery, his projects, and of course, the people he met along the way.

Episode 3: Raise A Glass Of Gaspé

Michael Briand took his passion for distillation, incorporated local ingredients, and turned it into a successful business. “O’Dwyer Distillery”. In “Raise A Glass Of Gaspé”, he recounts the path that led  from first business plan drafts, to creating products that bring a taste of the region to faraway places.

Episode 4: This Is Home

Janet Harvey’s family has called the Barachois area home for generations, and while she was raised in Montreal and spent most of her professional career in British Columbia, her attachment to the region never waned. Once retirement came calling, she decided to move here permanently and is involved in a number of community based initiatives

Episode 5: On Mindfulness and Other Matters

Clinical psychologist Dr. Megan McCallum, talks about her educational path, the rewards and challenges of practicing in a small town, and some of the ways that she gives back to her community by making mental health tools more widely available.

Episode 6: It’s an Irish Thing

Cascapedia St-Jules’ Mary Robertson and Douglastown’s Casey Kennedy shares some reflections and insights into what being descendants of Irish immigrants means to them.

Episode 8: Where was home

In this episode, part of the Gaspé Speaks podcast series, we take a look at some of the towns and regions that saw sons and daughters emigrate from Ireland to the Gaspé Coast. Places such as County Antrim, Wexford, and County Cork. Features interviews with Fabien Sinnett and Pat St-Onge.