Travel 4 Health


Traveling for Healthcare?

Vision Gaspe-Perce Now collaborates with the Regional Patient Navigator and partners such as CASA/ CAMI in order to improve access to the health information required when traveling for health care. The Patient Navigator provides support to English speaking persons accessing health care out of region. There are two Patient Navigators; in Quebec City and in New Carlisle. The Travel4Health package provides valuable information regarding health care facilities and patient accommodation, and also provides tips in order to prepare you and make the process as easy as possible.

Within the Region

Are you traveling to Chandler, Maria or St-Anne des Monts for healthcare? Browse our resources that might help you.

Outside the Region

Are you traveling to Rimouski for healthcare and need some assistance? Check out the resources we have available for you.

Quebec City

Are you traveling to Quebec City for healthcare? We have a list of resources that might help make your trip a bit easier.

For more information, please contact:

Sophie Wheeler by email at or call the office at 418-368-3212